Check Yourself is a project about anti-bullying which main focus is to build more awareness on bullying and encourages people to question themselves. It’s here to inform the uninformed, stand with the bullied, and confront the bullies.
I developed a website which is live at CHECKYOURSELF.ONLINE (website is now inactive). It is an interactive space built to make people actively engage with the topic. One main focus of the project is to give a platform for people who had experienced bullying to share their stories, which also acts as a wake-up call for people to realise how damaging bullying can be, no matter how small it is. The Check Yourself page is the other critical aspect of the website. The goal is not to put a number on your level of bully-ness, rather than for people to reflect on themselves while answering the questions. The result page itself contains more information on what the project is about, as well as extra resources on how to combat bullying.

Brand identity & web design
Supervised by Adam Cruickshank & Alex Margetic