Based on an E-zine written by J in 2000 for Another Night and Day alliance, Product: Natural contains J’s rant on how often the word “natural” or “fresh” is used as advertising jargon. Product: Natural dissects J’s piece, contrasts and supplements it with contents from 2000 to the present day.
Product: Natural explores how the way of advertising has changed, and whether or not the word “natural” or “fresh” still create a significant impact in today’s society and asks the question: why do we even care about it? A website was created to promote and expand the context of the book. Inspired by the look of Instagram, where most (subliminal) advertising finds its way to us. It contains pictures of the book itself, photographed alongside “natural” products. Each chapter of the book becomes each page of the website, the pages contain excerpts from the book.

5x8 in, 13x20 cm
110 pages
Author: Alma Santang
ISBN: 9780368761973
Publish date: May 09, 2019
Language: English
On-demand book & web design
Supervised by Uriah Gray