This is a project started with extensive research on Pablo Escobar’s fortune. It explores what he did with his fortune when he was in reign. Many people from his hometown look up to him as the Robin Hood or godly figure because of his generosity, even up until today.
The task is to visualise the study and the data collected into a tangible outcome, changing something online to print. I created a set of cards as an outcome of this project to develop a sense of curiosity of uncovering each card. I have placed numbers on the cards as a way for viewers to navigate, think of it as a footnote on Wikipedia that redirects you to another page. The last card of the A-side will ask the user to turn the cards around, on the B side, displayed a quite controversial image reminding us that even though Pablo Escobar did some good, he was still mostly evil.

Data & research visualisation, card design
Supervised by Warren Taylor & Hayden Doward